Dept. Of Veteran’s Affairs

Australians who are entitled under the Department Of Veterans Affairs’ may receive Exercise Physiology treatment for a specific condition as per their referral by their doctor. Both gold and white card holders are eligible for clinically necessary treatment.

What is the aim of DVA-funded exercise physiology?

The aim of DVA funded exercise physiology is to:

  • assess the entitled person and design an individualised exercise program that addresses the need of their referred, specific clinical condition
  • provide the entitled person with the skills to manage the exercise component of their treatment on their own, through exercise.

Who can I treat?

You can treat a DVA entitled person who has both:

  • a referral from their medical practitioner, medical specialist or hospital discharge planner which includes a diagnosis informing you of the patient’s condition requiring clinically necessary treatment; and
  • a DVA Health Card (Gold Card or White Card) where the referral for treatment relates to a war-caused or service-related condition accepted by DVA.

At Apex Health and Rehab Solutions services completed under DVA are completely bulk billed. There will be no out-of-pocket cost.

Who can provide treatment?

Exercise physiology services must be provided by an exercise physiologist who is accredited by Exercise & Sports Science Australia and is registered with the Department of Human Services.

For more information regarding  your eligibility and DVA services please contact:

Telephone 133 254


Department of Veterans’ Affairs

Source: Department of Veterans’ Affairs (Exercise Physiology)

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